Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Personal Trainers Tips On How To Increase Lean Muscle Mass Minus The Fat

By Ken Mole of Weight loss Factor

For those men in Orange County, California who are trying to gain muscles, they're surely aware of the fact that gaining muscles without gaining any fat can be a bit difficult to achieve. A personal trainer Orange County is aware of this, so he offered the following advice to help you through this predicament.

Eat More But Don't Overdo It

Gaining muscle mass will require you to increase your intake of calories. However, you have to be very careful with your consumption of calories because eating too much will also cause you to gain excess amount of fats. Just strive for a conservative amount of weight, which is probably one to two pounds of lean muscle mass per month. This might sound very low for a monthly target, but you need to look at this as a long term target. If you gain about 1 to 2 pounds muscle in a month, this will make you gain around twenty-four muscle mass pounds in a single year! In reality, gaining even 12 pounds of muscle in one year is already a big achievement. As for the question regarding how much you should gain in order to add about 2 pounds of muscle mass in a month, the personal trainer Orange County has said that this will mainly depend on the type of body that you have.

Attack The Weights

Just because you are trying to gain weight does not necessarily mean that you need to forego your cardio exercises. As you know, there are so many health benefits that you can get from cardiovascular exercises and this includes losing all the excess fats in your body. Thus, a personal trainer Orange County would strongly suggest that you maintain your cardio exercises even when gaining muscle mass. It is recommended that you perform about 150 minutes of light to moderate cardio exercises in a week or perhaps, 60 minutes of rigorous cardio workouts once in a week.

Attack The Weights

Whether you are adding volume by doing more reps or sets, it is recommended that you increase the demands of the body during your routine in order to increase both your strength as well as muscle mass. Basically, gaining more muscle would require that the muscle will be stressed out more than it's supposed to, and with the added calories that you need to consume, this is the best time that you increase the demands that you are placing on your muscles. A personal trainer Orange County advises that you hit the weights hard and eventually you will see your muscles start growing.

Each and everyone's aerobic sessions, weight training routines, and calorie requirements are different. However, there is just one key to achieving lean muscle mass and that's by knowing your body well and paying close attention to the changes that your body is going through. If possible, adjust your program accordingly or employ a personal trainer Orange County that can devise a good program for you, helping you to gain muscles with less fat.
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